Plymouth Property Photographer 

Many years ago, if someone wanted to buy a home, they would register with all the local Estate Agents in the area.  Two or three times a week a piece of A4 would be posted to them from the agents that usually contained a black and white photocopy picture of the front of the house and some room dimensions typed up on the back.  The prospective buyer would then choose whether to view the property or not based on this piece of paper.

Nowadays, things have changed considerably.  Buyers do not register with agent anymore, they don’t walk past and look in Agent’s windows like they used to – everything is now done online.  With websites like Rightmove and Zoopla a buyer can look at every property in their price range that is for sale, in the area they are looking for. Now it is MORE important to stand out amongst the crowd and that is where Professional Property Photography comes into its own.

Your property is probably the most expensive asset that you will ever own. Why wouldn’t you want to show it off to its best online? Professional photographers are artists. They are people who harnessed their passion for taking pictures and transformed it into their career. Like other artists that use different mediums, they place a heavy emphasis on their artistic integrity. At 241Photography we are Plymouth based professional property photographers and take photos of houses for a living.  We have the knowledge and talent to effectively capture your home’s most striking features.

While you may presume that you possess the skills required to make your crowded bedroom look stunning, the truth is that only a professional property photographer knows exactly what angles, lighting setup, and in some cases, staging is necessary to make your property stand out. In fact, listings that used our photographs were shown to receive a 139% increase in clicks, compared to similar listings within the same postal code. Furthermore, homes that showcase our professional photos in their listings can actually increase the selling price.  Recently an estate agent told me they had sold a local property for nearly £20000 over the asking price.  The vendor stated it was all down to our “fantastic images” that contributed to four buyers wanting the property.

Another estate agent ear marked three properties a few years ago before we took professional photos for them. The agent took his own photos and then analysed the click thorough rate online for 7 days. After that time, he withdrew the listing and contracted 241Photography to take images of the same properties. Once we had processed and enhanced them to look their best online, we gave them to the agent to upload to the listings. The agent then analysed the listings again for 7 days and what he saw astounded him.  The properties had over three times the amount of website traffic and click through rate but more importantly the user stayed looking at images for longer. All three properties were sold, using our professional photographs, within 14 days at full asking price.

Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography 01Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography 01Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography Bedroom Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography 09Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography 09Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography Living area Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography 03Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography 03Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography Bedroom Single Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography 04Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography 04Plymouth Property Photography 241Photography Kitchen

As well as offering fantastic still images to our clients, we are now able to create 3D Walkthroughs.  241Photography is proud to be Plymouth's first Matterport Service Provider which is technology similar to Google Streetview.  The world of virtual tours is evolving as new graphic interfaces make tours easier to capture and computing power increases platform capabilities. Gone are the days of stitched together pictures pawned off as a virtual tour, or worse yet, the slide show of the listing pictures. Our favourite new technology is the Matterport 3D virtual tour. Agents and home owners can now offer their customers the chance to walk around the properties online, as if they were there.  Here is an example of how it works online.

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