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With so many wedding photographers in the UK, it's difficult to choose one.  Whether you're planning a large wedding with all the trimmings or an intimate affair, we offer beautiful photography at an affordable price.  Here at 241Phocus, we take pride in our work and like to do things a little better. 

Being in front of the camera can be daunting for most people, especially on their wedding day, when they are the centre of attention.  At 24Phocus, we try and make this experience as relaxing as possible.

We are observers, rather than directors of your special day.  Beautiful photographs are one thing, but equally important is the manner in which they are created.  Our approach not only allows you and your guests to enjoy your wedding with limited disruption but your images evoke the real emotions of the day.  By documenting what we see, as it happens, the end results are beautiful, honest and natural.

It is crucial that you feel comfortable and confident with your photographers, so at 241Phocus we ensure we spend time with each couple so when your day arrives any inhibitions or worries are already dispelled.

One important aspect in the planning of your day is timing, ensuring that you allow sufficient time to capture your day.

We would love to hear about your special day.

Here are some examples of our recent work - Wedding Photos

We want you to learn more about us. Feel free to contact us with any questions at [email protected]

Thanks Bruce and Jo


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